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5 Panel (Track Only)
5 Panel (Track Only)

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Install Guide Install Guide
Installing your new blinds made to size is quite simple. It is recommended that you have the following tools:

  1. Electric Drill
  2. Proper Drill Bit
  3. Proper Screws
  4. Drywall Anchors (if drilling into plaster)
  5. Proper Screwdriver
  6. A Pencilá


1a. Collect your tools and unpack your blind, inside you will find all the brackets and and other necessary pieces for the install.

1b. Our blinds all come packaged with their measurement listed. If you have multiple blinds, measure each area to make sure you are installing each blind in the proper area.

1c. Attempt to install to as most level a surface as possible. A proper level will give a professional look, and longer life to your fabric.

1d. Place the brackets on the wall or ceiling based on the surface it will be installed on, and mark the drill holes with your pencil, this way you know exactly where to drill. These holes will be placed at the ends and in most cases you will only need to drill 4 holes, 2 on each side. In the case of larger blinds you will need to place more brackets, which we will supply. It is recommended that additional brackets be placed leaning towards the side of the control.

1e. Drill the holes based on your pencil mark, and screw all brackets into place.

1f. Snap the blind into the brackets and, if applicable, secure the safety pin to hold it in place.


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